About me

Welcome to my blog. I got so sick of social media that I’ve more or less retreated to this spot as my last little outpost on the internet.

I assume that if you are here, you already know me, but if providence landed you here and we haven’t met, here’s my elevator speech. I’m firmly in my middle 40’s at this point. I’ve been happily married to Linda for the last 25+ years. She and I have six kids. The oldest is a son and the rest are daughters. The oldest two are married, two are in college, and two live at home.

I teach preschool Sunday school at the church we attend. I’m convinced that little children are closer to the Kingdom of God than most adults so perhaps it would be better to say that I attempt to keep a class full of preschool children from eating glue sticks while they teach me what it means to be like Jesus. I also “lead” a Bible study for some amazing high school kids.

I don’t even want to talk about work. It’s a thing that pays for food and shelter. At what cost it provides that paycheck… yet to be determined.

Family, church, and work are the classic legs of the three-legged stool of coping with life, but I should add some fun tidbits too.

  • I love Role Playing Games (RPGs). I have several groups that I play with. D&D is the most common one. I am both a player and a DM in different games. I also really like The One Ring, a Middle-earth based system that I’ve been playing for a few years now.
  • Tangentially related to that, I have a 3D printer and I enjoy printing and painting terrain and minis.
  • I’m an audiophile. I have a decent record collection and a music server set up on my network. I can’t afford the monster system that I’d like, but it has helped me to specialize in frugal systems.
  • I’m a bibliophile. I have more books than I’ll ever read.
  • I have a couple of kayaks and I enjoy beating the sunrise to be out fishing quietly on the lake. Before the pleasure boaters get there. I dislike the pleasure boaters.
  • I’m not a writer, but I’d like to be.