Concerning my blog title

One or two people have asked me what my blog title means.  The simple answer is that it was taken from a traveling song in Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings.”  It is sung on various occasions, most notably by Bilbo when he leaves the Shire after his 111th birthday party and by Frodo as he begins his travels.

The Road goes ever on and on

Down from the door where it began.

Now far ahead the Road has gone,

And I must follow if I can,

Pursuing it with eager feet,

Until it joins some larger way

Where many paths and errands meet.

And whither then?  I cannot say.

I like the way that it acknowledges that life isn’t compartmentalized into nice, neat little pockets.  Many paths and errands meet on the one road.  They are all an integral part of the journey and play a role in the larger story.  There are no isolated incidents.

I should also say that Tolkien quotes will probably be fairly common if I take up writing for this blog again.  LOTR is one of my favorite stories and I find myself referring to it quite often.  I place this work alongside “The Brothers Karamazov” as one of the greatest novels ever written.

Question – For those of you who have blogs, how did you come up with the title?  What does it say about you?