Grandpa Dodds

EDIT: Maybe it was the Redskins. I saw a picture of him recently with a Redskins sweatshirt so now I don’t know. Maybe he wasn’t a Chiefs fan. It was a football team that was red, and had to do with native Americans. I never was much into football.

I was asked to share some memories of my grandfather to be read at his memorial service. I’m posting them here so that they stay in my memory.

There are several memories that I could share but one thing they all have in common is Grandpa’s smile. I don’t think I can even imagine what his face would be like if he wasn’t smiling. One possible exception would be when either KU or his Cheifs lost a game. I can still hear him saying “come on, ref!” on Sunday afternoons when they were watching football in the living room. 

When I was young I remember Grandpa singing at the church a lot.  He would do lots of barbershop quartet, gospel style songs and he was the one who would blow the pitch pipe to get them on key.  Except that as a kid, I didn’t realize it was a pitch pipe.  I thought he was just able to whistle really well.  

I can also remember spending a week there each summer. That always meant bike rides around all of Haven, shooting baskets at the hoop in the alley next to the green garage, Walking over to the Hoskinson’s to see what cool thing Marty was up to, and of course, home made ice cream. The best I’ve ever had. I remember getting in the blue Ford truck – the one I’d later learn to drive stick shift in – and heading to Haven Steel to get a bunch of ice for the ice cream maker from this big cooler they had there. If I was lucky he’d let me suck on a piece of the rock salt.

I miss those days.

I’m grateful for the memories and for the legacy that he left to us.  I will miss you Grandpa. Thank you for your love and for giving us all of these wonderful memories.

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